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Trade Protocol


Sample Trade Cart

1. Upon receipt of your payment, the requested game/title will be shipped.
2. Mail your used game(s) in the supplied prepaid envelope within two weeks.
3. Upon receipt of your game, we'll assess and refund your hold fee as explained below.
4. Your Barter Trust rating will be raised accordingly. See Trust Ratings Below.

*Note: GamerBarter will accept games with or without their original case/packaging.(see refund policy below).

*Only applicable with Trade (Ships Now) option.

-In most cases, we'll only deduct the $5.99 transaction fee from your refundable hold fee.
-For multiple games, the transaction fee drops to $3.99 per game.

ADDITIONAL REFUNDS (refunds to your transaction fee)

+20% Transaction Fee refund if we shipped you a game "disc Only"(no case).
+10% per week, Transaction Fee refund if we shipped you a game later than the listed wait time.
+20% per scale, Transaction Fee refund if our game has a lower scale value than your game.

HOLD FEE PENALTIES (deductions from the hold fee)
*Only applicable with Trade (Ships Now) option.

-Standard Transaction Fee {$5.99 for one game or $3.99 per game for multiple games}.
-20% Hold Fee deduction if you shipped a game with "disc Only" (no case).
-10% per week, Hold Fee deduction if you mailed your traded game(s) over a month late (six weeks max).
-20% per scale, Hold Fee deduction if your game has a lower scale value than the GamerBarter game desired.


-Ships Now == Ships within 24 to 48hrs.
-Short Wait == Ships within 5 business days.
-Long Wait == Ships within 2 weeks.


-Every successful trade completed, raises your Barter Trust rating.
-You will receive an update on your Trust Rating via email after every trade.
-Senior Traders will receive special Promo codes for reduced transaction fees.
-Traders with a 100% Barter Trust Rating will receive weekly promo codes.
-Your Barter Trust Rating will fluctuate, based on the conditions of each trade.

As always, customer privacy is paramount and your personal information is
never shared with any affiliates or third parties.

For more information on trade protocols visit our FAQ page.