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We deliver used & new video game sales via multiple online platforms and have received positive feedback from most of our customers.

On eBay: We sell as gb-gamerbarter

On Amazon: We sell as GamerBarter


Feel free to provide feedback on your experience over all our sales platforms from start to finish, taking into consideration;





-Quality of Products

*Please note that all comments are moderated to ensure a positive experience for all customers.

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  • Darla on

    Awesome site with excellent service! Great job gamerbarter.

  • Matt on

    This is a “Holy Grail” Site I found it ended up being a lifesaver. Only took 1 week to ship the game and have another game ship back. Now I have more options other than “GameStop”

  • Kevin on

    SAO Lost Song for PS4 arrived in great condition. The coupon I was given for my previous purchase was much appreciated, helped out a lot. Will likely buy from this company again.

  • Bruce on

    Fast shipping, disc in good condition with no problems, cool free pen and easy to use system.

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